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About Studio Chrome

Take yourself to the next level! With our fun classes and certified instructors, Studio Chrome is your premier Pole Fitness studio in upstate NY.  Built from the desire to share the amazing benefits of aerial and adult dance, we attribute our reputation to the passion we have to provide the first Pole and Aerial studio in the area. This Women and Veteran run studio is for anyone with a desire to feel strong, confident, and wants to have fun!  We're about feeling GREAT, a place where insecurities come to die, where women get strong without realizing they're working for it and giving back to those that need it most! At any given time you can catch us  supporting local people in need. We are an inclusive, supportive, patient, and comfortable place with no judgement. Whether you have an extensive fitness and dance background or you are brand new, every class we offer caters to each person's ability.  Our goal is to show every woman she can feel sexy, strong, and confident. Classes at Studio Chrome are FUN and they WERK! 

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